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Thai Villa Spa

You'll love every minute of your journey

A place of natural wellness, beauty,

inspiration, and ultimate relaxation.

At Thai Villa Spa, let us transport you straight to the exquisite and traditional Thai ambiance where you can fully unwind, indulge, and rejuvenate yourself at our beautiful spa sanctuary. Come and experience the ultimate luxurious relaxation with unique spa services delivered by our dedicated expert massage therapists. 

We combine the best secrets from traditional Thai herbal medicine with advanced discoveries in beauty and wellness to offer you our exclusive spa programs such as facial treatments, reflexology, body scrubs, body massage, traditional style body steam tent to name a few.

Step inside  

Come and live a lifestyle experience.

Come experience the secrets of relaxation. Because you need time for yourself unlimited luxury in mind, body, and soul. Relaxation. No longer beyond your budget.

Satisfying our clients.

Our Entrance

Located on the charming Adams Street in Newton, Thai Villa Spa is looking forward to welcoming you and making your visit the most pleasurable experience ever.

Same day appointment please call: 617-928-5989

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